“Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you”. John 15:14

“And that, and because that God is God, He deserves a respect. That's right. And He, we've got to respect Him and give a fear to Him, and that brings respect. God has demanded that for Himself and for all His servants. God demands respects for His servants. He–His servants, how we know that they're His servants, because He a-vindicates these servants by His Word. He takes these servants and makes them servants of God, and proves that they are servants, by making His Word work through them servants. Then as you respect that servant, you respect God. So when I respect you, and you respect me, and we respect each other, then we're respecting God”.

The seventh angel       Respects 53

“All in love, the whole thing is bundled up now. This has been tried to be taught on many times, and no doubt what great theologians has struck it lot deeper than I could. But the thing I want to try to get to you is this: That a man that is in Christ with the Holy Ghost, can bear with a man when he's wrong, long-suffering, gentle, patient. He's sweet, humble, faithful, filled with the Spirit, never negative, always positive. He's a different person”.

Manifested Sons of God  24 (Adoption II)

“Now, what is adoption? Now, let me get this now; I don't know whether… I won't have time to get through this, but I'll hit it. Then if there's a question, you can a–ask me a little later on sometime in the message, something. Listen. Your adoption is not your birth. Your adoption is your placing. When you were borned again, John 1:17, I believe. When we are borned of the Spirit of God we are sons of God. But we were predestinated. Now, here's what I'm trying to get you to, for this sons of the last day (You see?), to the… See? We were predestinated to–unto adoption”.

Manifested Sons of God 114 (Adoption II)

“I went after a brother not long ago, had went astray. A young fellow said to me, said, "Let that rascal go. Let him alone."I said, "If I ever get to a place that my heart don't go with my brother, then it's time for me to go to the altar, because I've fallen from grace." I said, "I'll go as long as he's got breath in his body, and I'll catch him somewhere along the line." Yes, sir. And I caught him (Hallelujah.), brought him back. Yes, sir. He's back in the fold safely now. Yes, sir. He'd have went astray as sure as the world”.

Manifested Sons of God 141-142 (Adoption II)

“A real, real daddy wouldn't whip his child when he's trying to walk, if he falls down on the floor. Reach right down with a big strong hand and pick him up, take both hands ahold of him, say, "This is the way you do it, son. Walk like this."That's the way God does His church: reaches down and gets him in His arm, picks him up, and say, "Walk like this, son. Here, don't–don't–don't say it like that; talk it like this. Now, I don't care what the church says, what this says, what that says, you say it like this…?…" Like this, this is It. "My Word preaches it, you stay right with It, walk with It. Stay right with It. Don't care what everybody else says, stay right with It. Walk like This. This is the way you make your steps."

Position in Christ  90-91 (Adoption III)

“I was borned a Branham. You might make me some other name, some other name, but won't make me one less; I'm still Branham. I was born Branham, always will be Branham. I'll… I may be so disfigured someday, drawed with arthritis, have a wreck and all tore up till I look an animal, but I'll still be Branham. Why? Branham blood's inside”.

Position in Christ  37 (Adoption III)

“Grace is, if your back is itching, I'll scratch it anyhow, whether you scratch mine or not; you slap me on the face, and say, "my back needs itching, needs scratching," I'll scratch it. See? That's it; do something. I don't believe in works; I believe that works is love. Works is–works is the manifestation that grace has taken place”.

Adoption 105 (Vol.IV)


“Now, faith is based on forgiveness then”.

Perfect faith 19

Third pull is not a man is not a place or church or something like this. The third pull is the Bible opened by the seventh angel in 1963. “…Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; and hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth”.

Revelations 5:9-10.

Christ in his prophet:

But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets”.

Revelations 10:7


Brother Branham’s Bible