“A friend loveth at all times…”

Proverbs 17:17a


The 3.526,72 kilometers that separate Brasília from Trinidad and Tobago are not enough to separate the friendship that exists between the believers here and our precious brothers and sisters in the Caribbean Islands. The Internet has provided sources to keep our fellowship active. Even though the contact is not the same as if we were together, listening to the hymns and streaming the services remember us of how good is to have friends in Christ who love us and whom are loved by us.

We have noticed that the number of visitors from Trinidad and Tobago to our website has increased, since simultaneous translation of the messages to English started. Actually, we are not worried with numbers nor with popularity, but we do feel happy to see that our purpose is being achieved: give our fellows who know English the opportunity to eat the Food that we eat each service, so sharing the blessings that God has been giving to our church.

We are not tired of saying that we love our brothers and sisters (and we apply this sentence to everyone who shares this sublime feeling called love towards this ministry). Moreover, a friend loves at all times. We could not call ourselves “friends” if we loved them only with their presence here. The many moments in which we had fellowship with the believers from Trinidad and Tobago and other Caribbean Islands are registered in our hearts, highlighted by sincerity and kindness.

As brother Branham says in the message What Does Thou Here? (59-0301), “Friendship is a gift of God” and you can’t buy it with money. That’s right. The friendship we have with anybody was conquered with brotherly kindness and is rid of any interest, except one: Christ. The Word in our fellows is what make them so special to us.

Feelings are not easy to be expressed in letters. It is a difficult task. By now, we may say that we surely miss all of our beloved friends that are under the blessed ministry of our great friend Pastor Vin Dayal. We hope we have the opportunity to meet you again – maybe this year… – and since now we would like to show that the doors of the tabernacle in Ceilândia are opened for you. In fact, once more, brother Branham shows himself right: “Friendship, fellowship, there’s nothing like it.”


Extracted from: www.thirdexodus.org


By brother Anderson Viana
God bless you all!